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PHOTO CREDITS: Leyla Hoppe (Irene Accardo, Apollo 18); Rob Gardam (Elma Riza & Mireia Aragones, Story of Shapes – Extended Blue); Matt Wilson (Peter Clough, In My Room); Matt Wilson (Alexa Wilson &  Oliver Connew, The Resistant Body Series); Steffi Kowalski (Stefan Demming, Videoloopmachine); Olaf Jelinski (Claudia Garbe, Slow Changes #3)

Thank you to all of our participating artists, partner organizations, and media sponsors for helping us make a successful first program!

We are currently accepting applications and proposals for our next installment of Space/Time Berlin (date to be determined).

For information on our inaugural program and all of our participating artists, visit our program archive.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Olaf Jelinski (Vera Piechulla, Ones in the Zero); Matt Wilson (Dicotheque Collective, Snail Walk); Olaf Jelinski (Gali Kinkulkin, Leave the Keys and Go); Rob Gardam (Spyridon Kouvaras, Opus I# temporality); Steffi Kowalski (Jennifer Gustavson, I Love You)
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PHOTO CREDITS: Rob Gardam (Audience members with Elma Riza); Matt Wilson (Jacob Eriksen & Lukas Grundmann, exp.); Olaf Jelinski (Audience members at Tatwerk); Leyla Hoppe (Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub, Isle of Lox); Steffi Kowalski (Talia de Vries & Johann Nohles, Working Title)