8 & 9 April | Snail Walk


Joan Somers Donnelly, Snail Walk (2016).

A subtle disruption of the everyday which investigates our relationship to time in urban spaces. Taking place at times and locations to be announced, this public intervention will unfold in serene slow motion as a group of “snails” slide down the busy streets of Berlin.

Friday 8 April 8:00 am
Meeting point: Oberbaumbrücke (center of the bridge), Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain

Saturday 9 April 12:00 pm
Meeting point: Wittenberg Platz (in front of the station, KaDeWe side), Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Saturday 9 April 8:00 pm
Meeting point: Crossroads of Hermannstraße and Flughafenstraße (Boddinstr U-bahn station), Neukölln

 Come along to loiter, listen, look, and maybe join in…

Snailwalk (2013) 1 a.png

Joan Somers Donnelly, Snail Walk (2015).

Discotheque Collective is Venetia Bowe, Liadain Kaminska, Anna Clifford, and Joan Somers Donnelly. Created in 2013, their ongoing collaborative work strives to engage audiences in urban spaces and unconventional performance environments. They are interested in activating space to play, talk and dance in, and getting members of the public playing too. Previous Discotheque Projects include the collective mapping projects Your Phibsborough, Your Call (Phizzfest, Dublin, May 2014) and Moabit Neu Denken (Ortstermin, Berlin, July 2015),  and the dance intervention Duvet Days (various locations, Berlin, November 2015). Snail Walk was first performed in Dublin as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival in July 2013.

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