21 April | Project Raum Naunynstr. 53


Jennifer Gustavson, I Love You (2015) video still.

 Jennifer Gustavson Says “I Love You”
Thursday, 21 April 7:00 pm
Project Raum Naunynstr. 53

Naunynstr. 53
U1 & U8 Kottbusser Tor



I Love You
Jennifer Gustavson

I Love You is a 170-minute long video document of a durational performance exploring the relationship between authentic expression and the demands of emotional engagement. Predicated on the artist’s biographical experience of never directly expressing love as a speech act, the performance consists of Gustavson repeating the titular statement as an embodied and meaningful act. As she approaches the point of physical and emotional exhaustion, the potential violence of emotional engagement reveals itself through the repetition of an innocuous but fraught statement of affection.

Jennifer Gustavson received a BFA in Photography from Illinois State University and an MFA in Studio Art from NYU. She has exhibited in New York City and Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; Danielson, CT; Santiago, Chile and Berlin, Germany. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Jennifer Gustavson, Birthday (2014)